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Thank you for visiting MD-11.org. This web site is designed to provide MD-11 pilots with an effective study tool, and as a means for pilots to share their knowledge and experience. All MD-11 pilots are free to use MD-11.org. However, it is important to understand that no information presented on MD-11.org is guaranteed correct or current. The Boeing FCOM and/or other airline specific manuals are considered your official source of information. This website is only as good as the feedback we get from fellow MD-11 pilots. Any corrections or suggestions for improvement may be submitted using the "Contact" tab.
MD-11.org is not representative of any particular airline's MD-11 training program. However, you will generally find much of what you need under the "Study Guide" tab. To pass your Oral Exam, you must know all preflight flows, memory items, and underlined limitations. You must also have a working knowledge of the external walk-around slides and the information on the systems related pages contained in the "Study Guide" tab. In addition, the examiner will have you calculate takeoff and landing data applicable your airline's system of performance calculation. Oral questions involving the systems information will require the student to apply the systems knowledge in both emergency and normal line operation scenarios. The Type Rating Proficiency Check will be similar to the "Sample PC" shown in the "Study Guide" tab. The airports and approaches on the PC may be different, as well as the order of the events, but the type of events shown on the "Sample PC" should essentially be the same.
You will find that a periodic review of MD-11.org is a very efficient way to maintain your high level of systems knowledge. MD-11.org is also a very effective method of preparing for Proficiency Training and Proficiency Checks. If you have questions you would like answered, go to the "Ask Questions" tab.
There will, almost certainly, be some differences between what is presented on MD-11.org and what is taught at your particular airline. If you wish to modify any of the training materials to match your particular airline, simply click the "Microsoft Office" icon at the bottom of the "Study Guide" page. This will allow each panel to be opened with Microsoft Word, or a compatible word processor. Make any changes you desire, and then save the material to your computer in the format of your choice.

Don't forget to take an occasional break to check out the "After Hours", "Links", and "Photo Gallery" tabs.

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