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Pitts S-2A

Pete Bristol and JB Schreur, both MD-11 Captains, own owned this fine example of a Pitts S-2A. Pete, along with being the undisputed Top Gun of Bowman Field aerobatics, is an avid glider pilot. As for JB.... well, as if the Pitts doesn't sufficiently provide enough of an adrenalin rush, he also races go carts.


We are sad to report that Pete and JB sold the Pitts. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that there is no replacement on the way. An urgent meeting of the Tribal Council was held at Oshkosh to discuss what action would be required to remedy this situation. It was decided that, since JB still has the racing go-cart, we will give him a pass. Pete, on the other hand.... well, we can only surmise that he lost his edge... that the fear factor finally got the best of him.... You know; like Maverick in the movie "Top Gun". I guess we should try to react with some degree of pity and compassion, but that's just not something we on the Tribal Council are capable of. We consider this situation very serious, and the consequences must be severe! The picture below speaks for itself!


There's been some progress since "Update #1". JB not only continues to race the Go-Cart, but he is now the proud part-owner of a beautiful Christen Eagle (with Dave Glye, Fedex MD-11 Capt.). Pete's progress is a bit slower, but it is progress, nonetheless. Pete recently purchased a brand new, very evil-looking black Corvette. Pete was also spotted at Bowman Field riding a very fast-looking Rice Rocket. Now, I realize this is by no means comparable to an Extra 300, but it is a positive development. After all, we have to realize that once you "lose the edge", and succumb to the "fear factor", as Pete apparently did, coming back is a slow process. At least there's a glimmer of hope!

Note: The posting of this picture should in no way be interpreted as an attempt to humiliate Pete into buying an Extra 300. That would be manipulative, cruel and insensitive. Malicious acts such as this would never be tolerated by the Tribal Council.