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MD-11 Captain Jim Stone's Harmon Rocket II

2008 Oshkosh Outstanding Workmanship Award Winner

Jim's Rocket took 9 years of steady work averaging 75 hours per month with a total of over 7000 man hours in the shop. The engine is a Lycoming IO-540 C4B5 with 9:1 pistons producing 275hp while turning a MT 3 blade propeller. It cruises at 200 kts at 2200 rpm and 11 gal/hr for a X/C range of 500 miles. It has both an inverted oil system and fuel system. The panel is equipped for IFR ops and includes a nice Garman stack with a GNS 480, Grand Rapids EFIS, and a two axis Autopilot. The Rocket is a pleasure to fly and has all the best qualities of aircraft today; plenty of power, aerobatic, Tailwheel, and a great cross country bird.